Painting for me is like telling a story, a narration; a story triggered by an observation; it is removing a veil from parts of reality and transforming it into something new…

My narrations speak of lights. To depict them I bring out some reflections, transparencies or things that happen beyond the simple description of facts… I speak then about the bay’s light colors in a winter afternoon, before the storm, or work on the same scene at different hours during the day. I also observe the sea’s colors changing paths at times impregnating it … then, Valparaíso Bay is never of the same color…

After so much, I continue being convinced that the painter starts by thinking with the eye, of a way always modern, obviously.
Paint is realize...

My work also offers different readings. There are the metaphors that fantasize reality, allowing the viewer frame of suggestions and reveries. For instance, ships sometimes appear fusing together with the landscape and become part of it; at other times they are born from the landscape in a dreamy and luminous labor; occasionally they also look like people.

In addition, there is an intention to render a feeling in communion with the spirit of the time. For this I employ, among other things, symbolic elements; absence of the horizon, inclined horizons, and themes and some colors intentionally driven to this purpose. There are also “things” that spring up unconsciously from the hand when one is on the right mood, all toward the effort of achieving a consequential atmosphere – one that reflects loneliness, lack of hope, abandonment – and that peace which exists beyond the end of everything.

"From my window at different hours and stations of the year".
Acrylic on linen.