I was born in Valparaíso, Chile. After finishing high school, I studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts, Viña del Mar.  At the same time, I took some courses in the Department of Philosophy at the University of  Chile.  Later at this university I began studies in the Department of Architecture and received my final degree with honors in 1976.

                       In 1971, the School of Fine Arts in Viña del Mar, Chile, granted me the title of  “Master of Arts.”

                        From 1972-1973 I was the cultural advisor for the Instituto Chileno – Francés de Cultura of Valparaíso (a institution devoted to promoting Chilean-French cultural awareness).

                        During the years 1978 to 1979 my paintings were shown in several galleries in California, U.S.A.:  Village Gallery, Sacramento; The Art Works Gallery, Fair Oaks; Main Gallery, San Jose State University; Gallery Atelier, Half Moon Bay.

                        From January of 1992 to 1994, I was acting as director of the Arts and Cultural Department of the Municipality of Viña del Mar.  Under my tenure, I developed a series of cultural and artistic activities and brought in important exhibitions of world-renown artists such as Goya, Picasso, and others.

                        At that time, in order to show the first part of my series, “Some Lights of My City,” I held a solo exhibition in both cities, Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.


“Each composition is handled with delicacy over the layers of veils which infused the paintings with an almost magical atmosphere…”

M. Ester Saldivia - Art Critic
“El Mercurio” newspaper
Valparaíso, Oct. 8, 1993

“… it is the use of colors applied with complete mastery where the elegant and refined transparencies play their own conjugation…”

Daniel Santelices
Ph. D. History of Art
Dean, University of Playa Ancha,
Valparaiso. “El Mercurio” newspaper
Oct. 12, 1993


“Only in front of these paintings can we repeat the singular experience of stopping time and oblivion”

Ennio Moltedo - Art Critic- Poet,
“El Mercurio” newspaper
October 15, 1993


“… resting on the multiplied lights that offer each hour and each season   of the year …”

Andrea Gajardo - Art Critic
“La Epoca” newspaper
Santiago, Oct. 30, 1993



After 1994 I became an official art professor at the School of Fine Arts of Viña del Mar.

                        Subsequently, the well known artist Oswaldo Guayasamin entrusted me and two other muralists to create a mural made of stones and small mosaic, or tesserae, with a surface of 320 square meters for the city of Viña del Mar.

                        More important national solo exhibitions followed: Valparaíso University headquarters; Cultural Institute of Las Condes, Santiago; Chile’s National Congress, Valparaíso; and Museum of Fine Arts, Viña del Mar.


“Your work has touched me with intimate pleasure. I have enjoyed the shades and fine chromatic variations in them… it is the atmosphere that you convey…”

Pedro Labowitz
President of the Circle of Chilean
Art Critics
Santiago, June 4, 1996.


“Evidence of a rigorous observation…”

“Que Pasa” magazine
Santiago, June 15, 1996.


“… they bring about a sense of wide open freedom or a sense of loneliness which, during creation, bring to mind the hand of God.” 

Maria Soledad Mansilla - Art Critic
“El Mercurio” newspaper
January 26, 1997.


In 1997, under the sponsorship of the Chilean Ministry of Education and commissioned by the University of Valparaíso, a series of my paintings were selected to illustrate “Libro Azul” by the renowned South American poet Rubén Dario.

In September 1998 I had a solo exhibition of my work at the Main Hall of the Organization of American States, Washington D.C., U.S.A.


“Mixing light and colors they become a type of microcosm.”


Reinaldo Escobar - Art Critic
“Tiempos del Mundo” newspaper (Washington Post), Washington D.C.
September 18, 1998.


“…Mercadal’s paintings have achieved an outstanding quality … He has reached a high level of creativity.”


Alfonso Gomez – Lobo,
Doctor in Philosophy
Ryan Profesor of Metaphysics
and Moral Philosphy
University of Georgetown, Wash. D.C.
Council Member of Bioetics for
the President of the United States


“Fluctuate between the precisions of forms and the transmission of emotions, from his personal sensibility… a visual language identifying him in an unmistakable way.”


Cesar Gaviria
General Secretary
Organization of American States, OEA.
Washington D.
C.September 18, 1998


“… already carrying an organic abandonment, while attempting it to yield, by means of spontaneity, simple happiness and clear eyesight.”


Phillip Dardel - Art Critic
“El Mercurio” newspaper
Oct. 24, 1998



In May and June of 2001, a solo exhibit of my work was shown at the Estudio Fuentes Gallery, Madrid, Spain.


“… reflections and transparencies, with the sea constantly there…”

“El País”, newspaper
Madrid, May 4, 2001.


“His paintings are like narrations centering on light.”

“El Mundo” newspaper,
Cultural weekly “Metropolis”
Madrid, May 25, 2001


“The paintings of this Chilean artist, of international path, dwell with tales conveyed through reflections and transparencies.”

“El País” newspaper
Madrid, June 1, 2001


“Light takes the leading role throughout transparencies and reflections.”

Monthly magazine
“Descubriendo el Arte”
Madrid, June 2001


In 2004, due to the commemoration of the Discovery of America, my paintings were shown as a solo exhibition at the Monasterio de Santa María de la Rábida. This exhibit was under the sponsorship of the International University of Andalucia and the City Council of Palos de la Frontera, Spain.


“All a circle of virtuosity brought about by a genuine artist, subtle, lucid, reserved, conscious and nostalgic…”

Agustin Squella
Presidential Adviser of Culture
“El Mercurio” newspaper
September 20, 2004.


“Forming part of an inner universe, searching to be shared by the artist through the total expressiveness of harmonious chromaticism.”

Jorge Arévalo - Licensed in Art,
Curator of the exhibition
Andalucia, España, 2004.


“By the quality of the work exposed and the cultural richness, he has brought to our University Activities Program a display so expressive of the artistic development of the close Chilean nation.”

Maria Antonia Guerrero
Universidad International de Andalucia,
La Rábida, Andalucía, España,Oct. 30, 2004.


“It is something that conveys so much solitude, so much longing for things one can see but cannot be.”

Patricia Nogales - Art  Critic
“Huelva Information” newspaper
Huelva, Andalucia, October 17, 2004.


“In his paintings he wants to leave a melancholic trace, a calling toward his horizons trying to reach the inner depth of those looking at them.”

Angela Ruíz - Art  Critic
Weekly “La Opinión de Huelva”,
Huelva, Andalucia, España
October 22 to 28, 2004.


“Skies and navigation as protagonists from a creative, dreamlike state…”

“El Correo Odiel” newspaper
Huelva, Andalucia
October 13, 2004


An imaginary journey of discovery bringing us closer to his country’s origin by the way of an actual landscape-spells fitting well within formal abstraction…”

“El Mundo” newspaper
of national distribution,
Huelva,  Madrid,
Oct. 13, 2004.


The impressions of these landscapes, loaded with lyrical daydreams about the sea, skies, and navigation as the protagonist’s axis.”

A. Marin Cejudo – Art Critic
“El Mundo” newspaper
 of national distribution,
Huelva, Madrid,
Oct. 13, 2004.



In January 19, 2005, the Circle of Art Critics Fifth Region granted me with the Regional Award, due to my artistic activities abroad.

                        In April of the same year the Regional Government distinguished my career by naming me Cultural Ambassador due to my art activities in foreign countries.

                        In November and December of 2005, I participated in the group exhibition “Maestros de la Escuela de Bellas Artes,” which took place at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, in the Quinta Vergara, Viña del Mar.


“waiting cradled by the calm of a landscape that is born from light…the plane clears the painting scene there, after that only silence dominates”

Verónica Molas – Art Critic
Book “Arte Comtemporáneo,
Imágen y Crítica”           
2008, AT Cultura, Córdova, Argentina


In September 2006, as an homage rendered to Valparaíso as a Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, the Chilean Embassy in Germany invited me to give a solo exhibition of my work in their gallery “La Escondida”, Berlin.


“For souls with sensibility…”

“…the second look makes it clear that these are paths in order to reach higher  degrees of conceptions.”


Christiane Meixner – Art Critic

“Berliner Morgenpest” newspaper
Berlin, On August 31, 2006.


“… in Mercadal’s paintings it is possible to see things which in fact are not traced explicitly in the canvas.”

Anette Stührmann - Art Critic
Free Exercise Journalist
Berlin, Sept. 2006.


“… his art molds longing and melancholy, transmuted as one tear becoming a sea.”


“El Observador” newspaper,

Viña del Mar, Chile
August 6, 2006



In 2007, my paintings were reproduced as tapestries and published in the book “Wunschbild Verlag Brecour,” Garsteder Weg 278’b – 22455 Hamburg – Germany. 

                        In December 2009, I received an Award of Excellence for my work in a painting competition organized by Palm Award, Gustav-Adolf-Strasse 27. D-04105 Leipzig, Germany. For this reason, my award winning works were published in the book “Who’s Who in Visual Arts,” Editorial Whois Verlag, 2010-2011.

                        On October 25, 2011, I was rewarded the Silver Medal in the online contest “ShowArtist.com”:
11B Camino de los Montoyas
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506


“to create new canvases surrounded by sea mist, of ships lost in the fog of silent oceans…”

Claudia Carreño

Online Journalist
“La Entrevista,” Dec. 28, 2012


In the same month of October 2011, I presented 30 individual canvases for a period of two weeks in a solo exhibition in the Palacio de las Naciones Unidas in Geneva.  I donated one of my works upon request of the Palace authorities, which now has become part of the official art gallery in the Palace, as an exhibition of Chilean painting, alongside a piece by the sculptor Marta Colvin.


“And these themes are seen through very keen and perceptive eyes and expressed through gentle, yet rich colors and compelling images”

David A. Chikvaidze Chairman
Cultural Activities CommitteeUnited Nations Office at Geneva


On January 24, 2013, I won First Prize in Painting in the art competition “Florence-Shanghai,” with the commitment to exhibit in several cities in China during a year, finally, in July 2014, exhibiting in Italy.

  1. On July 14 to 29, 2013, I participated in the group exhibition “Meeting in Shanghai”, International Art Exhibition V Present Art Festival, Shanghai Pudong Library Nº 88, Shanghai, 200120, China.
  1. On  August 15  to  September  30,  2013, I  participated  in  the group exhibition “Meeting In Wison”, International Art Exhibition V Present Art Festival, Wison Art
     Museum, Zong le road 699  Shanghai, Pudong, China.

                        On October 25 to 27, 2013, I participated in the group of exhibition “Contemporary International Artist”, in Loft Space Alfa, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France.


“Through the projection of exhibitions, promotional events, forums and conferences, the Present Art Festival functions as the pivotal moment in modernizing the state of contemporary art”

Flor Arbulu
Art Journalist
“El Mercurio” newspaper Valparaíso, February 3, 2013.


On March 5, 2014 I obtained honourable mention in the contest Artavita World Wide Art:
411 East Canon Lost. Suite 12 - Santa Barbara - The Angels - California 93101. U.S.A.

May 9-31, 2014, I participated in a collective exhibition in the "Museum
of the Americas", 2500 NW 79 Ave., Suite 108 - Doral - Florida, U. S. A.

May 2-16, 2014, I took part in a collective contest, "Autumn
International Exhibition", in Casa de San Luis, a historical building
of the government, located at Ascuenaga 1083, Barrio La Recoleta,
in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was awarded First Prize by the jury.


"...  magnificently producing the conjunctions that outline the limit of reality and dreams"


Susana D'Momo
Directrice A.D.A.P.I.
(International Plastic
Artists Association)


July 3-18, 2014, I participated in the "International Exposition
Imatges Llatines in Bacelona 2014", in the gallery "Agrupació d'aquerel - listes de Catalunya", located 423 Diputació St - Barcelona, Spain.
I was awarded one Honorable Mention by the jury.

From August 27 to September 10, I took part in a collective contest at "La Mutual de Arquitectos", Province of Buenos Aires, located in San Martin 1565 - Vicente López,    Buenos Aires.
I was awarded one Honorable Mention by the jury.

From January 18 to February 18, 2015, I participated in a collective exposition at Barcadalua Gallery, located in Est. Joao Belaminho da Silva, Acores beach, Pantano do Soul – Florianapolis - - Santa Catarina – Brasil.
The jury awarded me the Price the of Merit.

From February 19 to March 06, 2015, I took part in a collective contest “X Premio Internacional de Pintura y Escultura Joan Bosch Boldú”,
in BCM Art Gallery, located at Bailén Nº 134, 08009 Barcelona, Spain.


The jury awarded me the second prize .

From 16th to May 28th, 2015, I was invited to took part in a collective exposition: "From Caravaggio to modern days", at the Complex Museum, sala del Bramante; located into Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy.

On November 14 to 30, 2015 I participate in the "Exhibition
for the Peace", which took place in Artejé Atelieri Bellange, located
in Tombogotan, 30, 11338, Stockholm, Sweden. In simpathy with
thw terrorist attacks ocurred recently in Paris, the jury determined
not to award prices.

Since December 19, 2015, to January 10, 2016 I expose three of my paintings in the Gallery "Milan Art & Events Center" located in
Via Lupetta 3 20123, Milan, Italy. Thus completing the series
of exhibitions displayed in different cities in China:
previously mentioned in my resume, ending now in Italy; cycle
where I obtained the First Prize in Painting Mention.

In Novembre 11 I was nominated for the “Palm Award 2015” from the Art Domain Group, Quedlinburg,Im Wassewinckel 5, D-06484, Sachsen Anhalt , Germany. On December 30 the jury award me the “Wois Publisher Prize”, sponsored by th Art Domian Publisher; this means a certificate and include me in the Bibliographical Encyclopedi “Who's Who in Visual Arts”.




Dozens of references and mentions online, highlighting artistic activities in various countries of the world: search for my name in Google and Yahoo.